Make Your Summer Social

We all look forward to the outdoor adventures and poolside activities that summer brings, but what does this change in season mean for your business’ social media strategy?


The core of social media is being able to post relatable, engaging content that attracts people to your business. If their focus is everything to do with warm weather, yours should be too!

Make your posts personal and summer-focused. Post pictures of your staff participating in outdoor activities, or having a team lunch outside. Share enticing articles about outdoor entertainment or vacation must-haves. Step back from your page and think, what would interest you right now? What would you click on?


Facebook: Thursday-Sunday

Research shows that posts during the week receive the most engagement on Thursday and Friday. Engagement continues to increase as the weekend arrives. People have more time once their work week is over, and they are looking to socialize!

Twitter: All the time!

Twitter provides a platform for receiving information that is short, sweet and to the point. The best times to Tweet depends on your audience. For B2B businesses, tweeting Monday – Friday has the best engagement rates. This audience is more engaged during business hours. For B2C businesses, weekend tweets see the most action. This audience is too busy for social media during the week, so they spend the weekend catching up on the latest news.

Instagram: Off-work hours

Instagram allows people to share what they are doing at that exact moment through pictures and videos. This platform has becoming increasingly popular, especially with people under the age of 35. The best time to gram? After work and on the weekends. Users are saving their Instagram-worthy adventures until after work or during their free time on the weekends.

LinkedIn: Business hours

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has become an essential networking tool for businesses. More specifically, B2B businesses. Because of this, the best days to post on LinkedIn are Monday-Friday. And, the best times to post are 7-8am and 5-6pm. LinkedIn users want to catch up on their news feeds at the start of the work day then again at the end of the day.

Using these insights can help make your summer the most social one yet! Have questions? Call us!


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