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Common Dental Insurance Questions

This blog is part one of a three-part series on the current state of the dental insurance industry, written by industry thought leader and Whiteboard Marketing Market Advisory Council member, Nick Sanyk of Smile Hilliard. Do You Take My Insurance? One of the most common questions we get is if we “take” or “accept” a

Google My Business Launches “Accepted Insurances” Feature

Google My Business Launches “Accepted Insurances” Feature Google My Business has added an “Accepted Insurances” section in knowledge panels for patients curious about dental practices’ insurance options. While the feature has yet to become fully functional, it appears to pull insurance data from other sources across the web. Patients are always looking for easier ways

Clubhouse for Dentists

How Brands Are Using the New Clubhouse Social Media Platform Clubhouse is an invite-only audio chat app that people are joining to connect over shared interests. Brands like Burger King are already exploring new ways to “engage with consumers and be part of the conversation without encroaching on privacy.” This app could open new doors for fostering