SEO For Dentists

Optimize your site so searchers
can find it.

SEO, or organic search, is about making sure your website matches the way people search when they search for a dentist. A big piece of this involves keywords. You want the terms that potential dental patients are typing into search boxes to match what’s on your website. Effective search engine optimization takes time, strategy, and diligence. But the ROI is high and sustainable, as you gradually move your ranking ahead of your competitors and increase traffic, revenue, and results.

We make sure your site is written, designed, and developed in a way that helps your practice show up organically when people search for your services.

SEO for Dentists set up

SEO is a comprehensive, ongoing process. As part of our dental SEO services, we tweak pieces of it at various times based on a number of factors, but much of the success you’ll achieve over time is built on the initial foundation. Our work starts with an SEO audit, which gives us a baseline and uncovers areas for improvement in your dental website. Whether we’re overhauling or re-building your site, our SEO team is involved from the beginning for initial optimization. This includes establishing the right connections early on so we can track your progress and maximize your ROI.

Create SEO Friendly Content

The three primary factors that influence your site’s organic ranking on search engines are content, the technical SEO on your site, and off-site SEO. Our team creates unique, personal, keyword-rich headlines and body copy to connect what people are searching for with what’s actually on your site. While you can’t see our technical work, our optimization goes on behind the scenes, too, both on your site, and off it. A well maintained site that is free of errors and provides the right structure for you content is welcoming to search engine crawlers. Search engines also want to trust the sites they elevate in their rankings, and when relevant industry sites link to yours it builds your credibility—not just for Google, but for patients, too.

SEO Reporting

Results are always important, but even more so with search engine optimization. Getting the outcome you want requires continuous attention so you can change and adapt your SEO whenever you need to. We provide ongoing audits and analysis of your site and search health, deliver monthly reports of effectiveness and conversions, and regularly review and discuss the successes, challenges, and next steps with you to adapt your dental SEO strategy to competitive changes and changes within the search engine algorithms.

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Questions about SEO?

Dental SEO marketing is a form of online marketing that utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more organic traffic to a dental practice’s website. SEO for dentists focuses on optimizing content, website structure, and keyword research to target potential patients who are searching for dental related services. Dental SEO marketing can also involve creating local listings, building backlinks, and utilizing social media platforms to generate more visibility, which is why a well-rounded marketing plan is imperative to your ultimate strategy.

Yes, dentists can benefit from SEO. SEO can help dentists reach potential patients, improve online visibility, and increase website traffic and conversions. SEO can also help dentists improve local rankings and reach more local customers.

  • Increase Website Visibility: Dental SEO can help dental practices become more visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). This will help attract more potential patients to your website.

  • Improve Website Traffic: SEO can help dental practices attract more organic website traffic. This means that people actively searching for dental services in your area will be more likely to find your website.

  • Boost Brand Awareness: SEO can help dental practices build brand recognition. As more people become aware of your practice, they’ll be more likely to visit your website and contact you for an appointment.

  • Increase Conversion Rate: SEO can help dental practices convert more website visitors into patients. This is because SEO ensures that your website is optimized for better user experience, which makes it easier for potential patients to find the information they need and contact you for an appointment.