Dental Marketing Blogs

Dental Content Strategy to Grow Your Practice

Fill your site with the content new patients are searching for

A dental blog is a content strategy that educates potential patients, establishes your expertise, promotes your services, elevates your search rankings, supports practice pages with internal links, and drives more people to your website.

Don’t let the idea of a dental blog overwhelm you. We make it easy and can play a big or small role in getting yours started, keeping it fresh, and making sure it works hard for you.

Setting up a Dental Blog

Functionally and strategically, we’ll get your blog up and running. Not only will we create a spot for it on your site, our SEO team will identify the most impactful keywords and design a relevant dental content strategy to attract the patients you are looking for.

Implement a Blog

We recommend posting at least two new blogs—800-1,000 words each—every month. Embracing your voice and style, we’ll write two for you, leveraging important keywords and adding the appropriate categories, title tags, meta descriptions, and links to optimize the post.

Dental Blog Analytics

A good blog is a hard-working blog. We’ve got the analytics to prove it. We’ll track your blog on our Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts, where we can review, track, and analyze the traffic going to your blog page.

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Complement your dental content strategy with other dental marketing services, including: 

Questions about dental blogs?

Blogs help to improve search engine rankings by increasing the quantity and quality of content related to a particular dental practice. Blogs share useful information to educate current and potential patients. Blogs, as a component of a dental content strategy, provide an effective platform to highlight dental services, promote specials, and build brand identity.

This will depend on the goals of the dental practice and the content that will be published on the blog. However, for most businesses, it is generally recommended to post at least 1-2 times a week to maintain a consistent presence. Be sure that your blog posts are relevant, valuable and engaging for readers.