Hosting for Dental Websites

Keep your website—and your patient information—secure.

It’s easier to look after your patients and your practice when you’re not worrying about what’s going on behind the scenes with your website. You can stay on focused teeth and gums and we’ll monitor, maintain, and update the servers your website sits on.

We offer a platform with a modern and high-performance server stack, which means speed and stability for your website.


With firewalls and security protocols, we make sure your web applications and data are safe from unauthorized users.


We utilize super-fast storage drives that ensure superior performance and reduced page-load times for dynamic websites.

Peace of Mind

As part of our hosting services, we keep essential software updated, monitor and take care of glitches and lags, and provide unlimited bandwidth for your website.

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Augment your website with dental marketing services, including:

Questions about hosting your dental website?

Website hosting is the process of storing a website’s files and data on a server connected to the internet. Hosting a website involves renting space on a web server, which is a type of computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 and is designed to serve web pages. Once a website is hosted, visitors can access the website by typing the domain name into their web browser.

Choosing the right website hosting provider is important because it can affect the speed, uptime, security, scalability, and support of your website. It can impact user experience, search engine rankings, and your business’s success.