Online Insurance Checker for Dentists

Dental Insurance Checker That Leads to More Booked Appointments

Spend more time making appointments than checking insurance

If you’re like a lot of dental practices, your front desk staff gets calls every day with people asking whether you accept their insurance plan. If you’d rather your staff spend more time taking calls about appointments, our online insurance checker can help.

We offer an automatic insurance checker that can be embedded on your website that creates messaging consistency and efficiency, boosts appointment scheduling, and reduces the burden on your staff. 

Implementing an Insurance Checker

Using your brand colors and styles, we add a new insurance page to your website with a custom-coded insurance checker. Potential patients just need to type in their insurance provider to see if you accept it. And, beyond the verification, this page can drive people to enroll in your dental membership plan or to in-office financing, if you offer it.

Maintaining Your Insurance Checker

Part of our monthly website hosting, management, and maintenance plan includes time for us to review your insurance checker, making sure it’s running smoothly making sure it’s running smoothly and is updated with changes to your payor mix. We can change the copy any time you need to, and as part of our marketing consulting service, each month we will review analytics, letting you know how many patients used the dental insurance checker before making an appointment. 

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Questions about insurance checkers?

Using an online insurance checker could lead to an increase in new patients, as it may make the process of finding out if you are in network easier and faster, thus leading to more people wanting to use your practice. Offering self-pay discounts or dental memberships is another way to capitalize on the patients who are not in network.

Our Online Insurance Checker is efficient, accurate, and can save the staff time resulting in more time for scheduling patients.

Even if your practice does not accept insurance plans, an insurance checker can still be beneficial. An insurance checker can help you verify if a patient has insurance coverage and what types of coverage they have, so you can better understand their financial responsibility. This information can be used to determine payment plans, discounts, and other arrangements to help ensure that you get paid for the services you provide.