Dental marketing that
drives your practice

Marketing for dentists has come a long way. Postcards and print ads are great. But depending on where your practice is today, what challenges you face, and which goals you’d like to achieve, we have a range of dental marketing tools to help you achieve them.

Online Dental Marketing For Dentists

At Whiteboard Marketing, we’re here to help you strengthen your dental practice—whether that means more patients, more locations, or another way of adding more value. Our dental marketing team can help you with all your online marketing needs.


Strengthen your traditional and digital marketing

Dental marketing mixes tech and dental know-how for a strong online presence. Websites act as a digital shop, user-friendly and informative. Social media boosts engagement, forming a dental health community. SEO ensures easy discovery, and content marketing builds authority. Email campaigns share promotions and updates. Reviews and testimonials build trust, and paid ads target potential clients. These components create a solid digital strategy, turning a dental practice into a thriving online entity.

Securing a prime spot on Google’s first page for dental practices requires a strategic approach. Well optimized pages that incorporate important keywords, combined with quality links from internal and external sources will help your site rank above your competitors. In the dental field, the competitive landscape is high, which means putting your best content forward for Google to find.

The best way to get reviews from your patients is to ask. The better question is when to ask for reviews. You want patients to share their positive experiences and the best time to do that is right after they are in your chair. Automated tools to send text messages and emails are a great way to message them after an appointment.


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