Should I Be Responding to My Positive Reviews?


Should I Be Responding to My Positive Reviews?

You may be carefully monitoring your online reputation for negative reviews, but what about the positive feedback you receive? Are those reviews important? And, do you need to respond to them?

Short answer-Yes, No and Maybe. Reviews are the first resource most potential customers go to when deciding to buy a product or service.  According to a recent study by MOZ, 67% of customers look up online reviews to influence their purchasing decisions.  


If a customer leaves a review that includes several sentences, we think you should respond. By showing that you are engaged and open to customer feedback, you stand out and demonstrate that you care. It also encourages others to leave reviews, knowing that their voices will be heard. And the more positive reviews you have, the more credibility your business attains.


Clearly, if a customer only leaves stars and no feedback, or even stars and simple comments like, “Great!”, then you don’t need to leave a response.


Ultimately, we want you to leave a review response that shows appreciation for your customer’s feedback. So, the comment that you make in reply should add value to the overall conversation. If you don’t think it will, then maybe rethink leaving a response. The response you leave should make you and your company look credible, responsive, positive and thankful.

So, now that you know when and why you should respond to positive reviews, how do you do it? Here are a couple of tips to make sure you’re leaving a positive impact on the reviewer and the potential customers who read it.

Humanize. Make sure to approach your response like you are having a conversation with the person, not like you are just repeating your sales pitch to the internet. The people who will be reading these reviews really want to know what your business is like, and if you care about the people that are coming there. Thank the reviewer, reinforce something positive they said, acknowledge any small negatives they mentioned, and make sure to express your excitement for them returning to you. Most importantly, be genuine!

Personalize. Thank the person by name and if you know them well, show it! Without making a lengthy response, you can mention things you know or remember about that person. This lets prospective clients or patients know that you truly care about them and take an interest in their lives. And if they mentioned an aspect of your company or an employee specifically, make sure to comment on that in your response. Let them know you read and understood their feedback.

And don’t forget to share these great reviews not only internally with your team, but externally as well. Positive reviews can be great morale boosters for your team. Share them on your social media sites and on your website so that you can increase their exposure to potential customers.