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Canva for Marketing

Creating a cohesive brand image is an important part of marketing your company. This means making your website, internal and social media marketing pieces branded. I’m talking down to the same colors, fonts and types of images you use.

Of course, the answer to all of this is to use the same graphic designer to create all your marketing materials across the board. This is an additional expense, however, and takes time. So, what do you do if you need to make inexpensive, simple and quick graphics? Meet Canva. Canva makes designing marketing collateral easy. Check out the best features Canva has to offer for your marketing efforts:

Array of Canvas Sizes

On the homepage of your Canva account, you will see a wide variety of canvas sizes for you to use. Instead of heading to Google to find out the exact size of a Twitter cover photo, scroll down to the “Social Media & Email Headers” section of Canva and begin building your perfectly-sized cover photo right there. There are pre-made sizes for social graphics, documents, presentations and even advertisements. If there are specific dimensions you need to make an image that Canva does not have ready-made, you can customize your canvas size with the “Use custom dimensions” feature. Totally convenient, right? Just wait…it gets better.

Themed Templates

One of the best assets of Canva, and one that will most likely become your favorite, is the pre-built themed templates. Once you pick the canvas size you want to use, you’ll want to head right to the “Layouts” tab. Canva has templates for holidays, events, announcements, advertisements, you name it. And, the best part? They are all completely customizable. Once you pick a layout you like, you can change the colors, font style and even the images to match your brand. There are both free and purchasable layout options to fit your needs.

Stock Photography

Canva offers a variety of stock photography options through the “Elements” tab. There are several free images to match general design concepts, as well as additional, more specific options for only $1. That’s right, ONE dollar. These inexpensive images allow you to take your designs to the next level and incorporate a real-world aspect to them. You can filter, crop, flip, arrange and edit the transparency of these pictures to fine-tune your look.

Canva is a must-have marketing tool that anyone, regardless of expertise, can use to elevate their brand. So, what are you waiting for? Start designing!

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