Woman wearing watch working on laptop

A Blog on Blogs

Woman wearing watch working on laptop

A Blog on Blogs

You just spent hours creating 500 words for a blog post. You’ve done everything you can to be creative, witty, and strategic to engage those who read it. You’ve done your research and added the best stock images you could find. You post it…

Now what happens to your masterpiece?

We put so much work into our blogs and they are just posted in one place? It seems like such a shame to let this beauty fall to the wayside. This is why repurposing your content is key.

 Share it with the world.

First and foremost, make sure to post your blog content to your website. This will allow for your website to have fresh, up-to-date content to help increase your SEO and to build credibility for your website.  

Make it social.

Social media is the key to getting more eyes on your masterpiece. Your audience will choose their favorite content they are interested in and they can like and share it, expanding its reach. Make sure to choose the best ‘call-to-action’ line from your blog and use one of your fancy stock images to optimize your post, and then publish it!

Send it to your fans.

E-mail marketing allows your work of art to reach an audience you know will be interested in it, with the click of a button. With a free Mailchimp or Constant Contact account you can simply create a template, drop your blog copy and images in, select your contact list and send! Rock on.

Creating engaging blog posts and repurposing them is key in getting interaction with your customer base. Not only will dispersing your thoughts to multiple outlets help your brand be seen by twice as many people, it will also save you time when coming up with marketing content. It’s a win-win for you and your followers. Happy typing!