Opt-In: Google Enhances Account Security

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Google recently introduced some new changes to its account security features, and it’s time to take notice.

You’ve thought about internet security before, right?

That’s because internet privacy has become an important issue, particularly in the United States. Never one to fall behind, Google has taken note and developed new privacy features for your account.

What are the new security features?

Google has added measures which allow you to control the information that it collects, as well as how that information is used. This means, in addition to enhanced security, you might actually see some relevant ads on your computer!

Are Google’s new security features turned on automatically?

No, you have to manually turn on these features in your account(s) to get the benefits. Once you turn them on, the settings will update across all the devices you’re signed into, or sign into in the future. You only have to update them once!

How do you activate the new settings?

Login to Google and go to your account settings, or ‘My Account.’ Here, go to the ‘Personal info & privacy’ option and select ‘Manage your Google activity.’ Next, you will be prompted to turn on the activity controls. The screenshot below should help guide you:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.44.02 PM

What will change in my Google account?

With these settings activated, you will notice the following changes to your account:

  • Your Google account will have more relevant and important information stored, that you can both control and review.
  • Your internet searches and YouTube activity data storage can be controlled (visit the ‘Web & App Activity’ setting to toggle this).
  • You can store your Chrome browsing history in Google, which will be used to enhance ads and personalization.
  • Across the entire web, your ads will be made more relevant to you.

What will stay the same?

Anything not mentioned above will remain as-is in your account. Google will continue to not sell personal information to anyone and you are still in control of your data and information.

Will you be taking advantage of these new Google Account features? We sure are at Whiteboard!