Person wearing a watch typing on laptop

Website Copy 101

Person wearing a watch typing on laptop

Website Copy 101

So, your website is all set up and ready to go. The goal is to make sure your customers are informed and interested in your product or service, creating new leads, right? To do that, we need to create enthralling copy (text) to hold the attention of your prospective customer and result in a conversion. Does your website do this? Keep the following considerations in mind while critiquing the copy on your website.

Copy should be simple.

Many of your customers are in learning mode. You are an expert of your field, but visitors to the website are still trying to build their knowledge base. Don’t overcomplicate concepts or use excessively technical language. Prospective customers may end up navigating away from the page, citing intimidation. Secondly, put the most crucial, most requested information at the top of each page, so as to not frustrate or confuse customers. Lastly, keep sentences and paragraphs short and sweet. Break up the text into small, digestible chunks.

Copy should be accurate.

Your website represents you and your brand. Ensure that your customers are receiving the most correct information. Continually update your site, eliminating any services or projects as necessary. Failure to do this impacts your credibility. For example, if you no longer perform root canals, your website should not contain any content on the subject matter. This will help your office staff as well, as it cuts back on irrelevant complaints and questions.

Copy should be personal.

When choosing a service, or even a product, clients want to feel connected to where they’re spending money. It is very important to include an “About the Team” page on your website, including short bios and photos of staff members. Customers love to put a face to a name. In addition, craft a business background section. How long has the company been in the industry? Are there multiple locations? Has your team won awards? Add some details about the facilities and your client relationships. This will allow the consumer to confirm they are making the right decision.

Copy should be inviting.

After skimming through your website, prospective clients should feel welcome, if not encouraged, to make contact with you. Using phrases like, “we look forward to meeting you” or “ask us for a private tour of our amenities” are positively moving visitors to the action stage. You are aiming for a higher volume of calls, emails and scheduled appointments, so make sure you are using an inviting tone.

Copy should reference visuals.

Yes, it is true that people love pictures and graphics. But…there is a serious need to communicate what is being shown! Using captions and real life applications, explain to the visitor what should be noted about this visual. Basic diagrams can be beneficial, but they need a purpose. Talk the customer through the message of visual and reference it specifically so it does not feel misplaced or get lost on the page. This is a great opportunity to turn interest into understanding.

Reputation is key and we want these guidelines to build yours!