Who’s Answering Your Office Phones During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Who’s Answering Your Office Phones During The COVID-19 Crisis?

Whether your practice is completely closed or available for emergency appointments only, it’s critical that you identify who is answering your phones during the COVID-19 crisis.

We absolutely know that you must continue to communicate with your patients and community during this time. How you do it is equally important as what you say.

  • Say “available for emergency services only,” instead of “closed”

If your practice is only open for emergencies, we recommend avoiding the word “CLOSED.” It could send the wrong message and turn away people that need your help. Instead, make it clear on your website and social channels that you are available but “only for emergency services.”

  • Do not use an answering machine to answer calls

If you have completely closed your office or are working with minimal staff, make sure you and/or staff members are still answering your business phone. If you’re not physically in the office, have your business number forwarded to a cell phone. This is a great opportunity to keep in direct contact with your patients to answer questions, reschedule non-emergency appointments, and be a calming presence for your community.

  • Continue talking with your clients even if you aren’t able to schedule appointments

While your office is temporarily unavailable to schedule regular treatment, answering your calls can provide an opportunity to schedule appointments for mid-April or later. Even if you have to push those appointments back at a later date, these are still valuable interactions with your patients and reassures them that you are still there for them.

To our Whiteboard Marketing clients: 
For many of our clients, we have already transferred your tracking numbers to a cell phone to help you stay connected to your patients, even if you are not in the office.