The Power of Facebook Ads

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With 1.4 billion users all over the world, 900 million daily visitors and more than 700 million visitors using mobile devices, no functional social media marketing strategy can afford to ignore the power of advertising on Facebook.

Today, posting an ad on Facebook is equivalent to having the most powerful voice in the world’s biggest fair or the biggest pavilion in the most popular trade fair in the world. Guaranteed Visibility? Targeting your core audience? Data-based decisions? A constantly evolving strategy?
Facebook ads tick all important parameters that are generally considered by advertisers, marketers, and entrepreneurs when comparing marketing platforms. Marketing on television involves beaming ads into the homes of billions of viewers and hoping that your targeted audience is in front of the screen. This strategy sounds suspiciously similar to placing a monkey in front of a typewriter and hoping that one sensible sentence comes through in a million words.
Data-Based Advertising Strategy. Social media advertising is all about data, data, and more data. What are your target parameters? Demographics? Like age or gender? Or do you wish to target users on basis of their Likes, Shares and other social activities?
FB ads allow you to understand your target audience, create relevant ads, and subsequently rely on accurate data to gain further insights about your audience. If done right, FB ads can lead to a self-propelling strategy where ads lead to, apart from more revenue, better and smarter ads that will lead to better brand recognition and increased revenue generation.
Greater Value for Money. Reducing advertising budgets to cut costs is a self-defeating strategy that will cause more harm than good over the long run. Instead, it makes sense to use FB ads to create a holistic mix of organic content, promoted posts, and other adverts focusing on a targeted audience base.
With so many options at your disposal, you can create better-performing ads with higher click-through rates that will automatically lead to lower cost per clicks. This is a much better option that researching tips about so-called super strategies for advertising on other platforms.
Versatile and Dynamic Options. Do you want to connect with more customers? Or are you keen on increasing engagement with existing clients? Searching for influences and social media champions for your brand? The power of Facebook ads allow you to choose your preferred option and conduct A/B testing to assess how specific changes to ad text, format, and content impacts viewer responses.
The era of enhancing brand visibility through just one interesting post or a funny meme is long over. Today, effective marketing involves utilizing all available social marketing options to the fullest to enhance brand recall in a cluttered market.