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Best PPC Campaigns for Small Businesses

Team working together

Best PPC Campaigns for Small Businesses

Have you heard of someone in the marketing field discussing the benefits of PPC? Whether it be for Google or Facebook, large company or small, PPC can grow your brand. With the age of technology growing, marketing is becoming prominently digital creating a presence, not only face-to-face, but on the world wide web. Take a leap into the digital marketing world with a stepping stone tool allowing you to increase your visibility to larger audiences.

What is PPC?

PPC increases your business’ search position on Google to gain exposure. It stands for pay-per-click, which is the ability to show advertisements to users on both Google and Facebook based on their browsing interests, therefore it’s tailored to their keyword search. The best part about PPC advertising is the user only has to initiate the interest in the product being advertised because based on their searches of similar products the ads presented to them will be tailored. PPC advertisements are naturally viewed on the top or sidebar of the user’s Google or Facebook pages at any time while they’re active. Each click on the advertisement results in payment or a bundle of clicks results in payment, therefore it can truly be catered to both the \ advertising business and the viewing user.

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How Does PPC Help Small Businesses?

Is your company considered a small business? A small business consists of 50 or less employees with varying gross assets and turnover. With that being said, a small business should be more prompted to use PPC because of a smaller budget to expend on marketing. Smaller budgets typically eliminate search engine optimization (SEO) because of cost, therefore increasing the likelihood PPC would benefit the company. With SEO there’s a laundry list of guidelines andrequirements, which when broken, could penalize your business’ website, whereas PPC doesn’t run the risk of flagging your website. It’s a computer to computer sales tactic with less risk.Looking at it from a sales perspective, you’re selling your business to a user without putting in the forefront effort.


PPC comes into play in this scenario because it provides a similar result as SEO with a lower spending cap. It costs per click or a bundle of clicks on the ad shown to the user, so if you pay for 1000 clicks you won’t pay the full amount until those are made. PPC is a flexible option to strengthen your business without breaking the bank.

When Should Your Business Start PPC?

The first step is consulting with your team on what the goals and ambitions of the company are along with determining what type of business you need more of. This business could be exposure, leads, phone calls, new patients or anything that you feel would be a success to the type of engagement needed. Next, contact a local agency to start building your PPC campaign. An agency will help you clarify the goals and ambitions of your business while identifying your online presence, which will bring depth and realization to components needed in delivering a successful campaign on behalf of your company. Your agency will be your stepping stone in building your presence in the digital marketing world.

How Should a PPC Budget Be Set?

The beauty of PPC is it varies based on industry and the trends happening within it. Budgets for small businesses depend on the results desired for the PPC campaign. After the results are discussed, an internal budget of expendable wages should be made to present to your agency. This is not only give a rough estimate on what portion of those funds should be spent and when, but how big or small you’re wanting to go with the campaign.


The general rule of thumb is to start with a budget lower than what your business’ cap dollar amount is keeping in mind this starting point will grow. After the test period of 2 months has passed, evaluate the results and increase the budget to gain more whatever objective your business is trying to reach. It’s always acceptable to go to your agency when you aren’t seeing the results you expect, but you can’t be afraid to put more money into the campaign to see those results. The test period shows what PPC could do for your company in the coming months of monitoring, but the end result has to come gradually overtime with benchmarks to meet on the path.

Modernizing your sales and marketing tactics are similarly like going to the casino. You can’t walk in expecting to win big if you aren’t willing to put the funds on the table and spend the time it takes to reap the benefits.  Set your limit and get rid of worries today! Contact us!