The Best Kinds of Posts for Your Social Sites

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As a practice owner, you understand the importance of making sure your name is out there, but as a dental professional, you may not know where to begin. Trying to decide what, when, where and how to post content to your social media sites can become overwhelming. In an effort to make your life a little easier and your social content more engaging, we have laid out the top three kinds of posts you should be displaying on your social media sites.

In-office pictures: The purpose of social media is in the name, socializing. In-office pictures of staff members or patients allow you to socialize with your followers. People are more likely to engage with a picture of their favorite hygienist or of their child after a teeth cleaning because these posts are personally meaningful. In-office pictures start a conversation with your audience and provide a personal touch to your social channels.

Videos: Videos, both professionally and unprofessionally produced, consistently receive high levels of engagement on social sites. Videos allow people to feel like they are in the moment with you. A professionally produced video about your practice or your staff allows you to tell your brand’s story to prospective patients in a direct way. An unprofessionally produced video on a smartphone about an event in your office or a fun fact about a staff member allows prospective patients to see the personality of your practice. Both of these types of videos are important and produce quality engagement.

Personal posts: As a dentist, although it is important to maintain a professional presence in front of your patients, you also want to personally connect with them and help them get to know you better. And on social media, this is what people want to see. They don’t want to read about how to keep their teeth healthy, they want to see a picture from your family vacation or you celebrating your child’s birthday. Make your posts personal! Did someone in your office recently get married or have a baby? Share pictures. Are you and your team celebrating National Pizza Day? Share pictures. These types of posts will garner more engagement on your social sites and therefore amplify your practice’s online presence.

Incorporating these three kinds of social posts into your regular posting schedule will give current patients a reason to engage on your sites and give prospective patients a reason to give you a call.

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