5 Reasons Business Owners Should Tell Their Story

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You’re a business owner. You’re not much of a writer, or even an orator really. You’re a numbers guy or gal with a knack for the bottom line. Well, we bet there’s more to you than just that. The story of your life, business, products and growth are imperative to your success and here’s why:


  1. Credibility – Potential customers will spend their money with a company who earns their trust. Don’t be shy about your expertise. Communicate the foundation of your business and the accolades you have earned. Mention how your expertise in carpentry allowed you to lead a session at the statewide Home and Garden Show or how the local newspaper named your practice the best in town. Particularly in service-based industries, credibility is key.
  2. History – In addition to the background of your business, provide the background of you! Potential customers feel more comfortable when they feel they have a comprehensive understanding of the business owner himself/herself. Customers may find connections with your past or interests that inspire them to strike up a conversation. This is especially important if you are native to the general area in which your business is located.
  3. Relationship Building – Find your voice! Telling your story is a perfect time to open the dialogue with a potential consumer. Encourage questions throughout the storytelling in a personal manner. You want the customers to feel like they know you as well as their childhood best friend, or that they could get to know you that well pretty easily. There is no substitute for an inviting tone.
  4. Passion – You started your specific business for a reason, right? You have a real fervor for the products or services you offer. Telling your story is the best way to convey this. There is nothing more convincing than the fire that appears in someone’s eyes when he/she talks about his/her unique passions. For example, assume you are an orthodontist. Explaining that your dad and aunt are in the same profession, and how you just love increasing the confidence of a middle school child, ignites a spark that will draw people to you.
  5. Philosophy – When telling your story, you can really communicate the core values of your company. Through your story, you are indirectly reinforcing the goals and motivations of your organization. Customers will be made clear of what kind of service you offer and how you run your business. Your mission will be subconsciously put to the test. Make sure the sentiment in your mission statement is reflected in the content of your story.


Truly, it comes down to the fact that your customers are people, too. People are more likely to commit to buying an item or service from an organization with which they trust and feel connected. Articulating your story is a loyalty tool and shouldn’t be overlooked in your marketing strategy. We promise – there is more to you than just the professional side. You are perfectly capable of being a storyteller and a business owner. It’s the story you know best!