3 Ways to Get More Engagement on Facebook

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Did you know that small businesses are excelling on Facebook now more than ever? With all of its algorithm changes lately, it is important to increase your engagement and stay relevant on the social media giant that is Facebook.

Show Off Your Personality. Your business’s social media is a window into your company’s world. You can use Facebook to post pictures, status updates, check-ins, videos and more! Your followers want to see what you and your company are doing. Proven statistics show that “personal” posts get the most engagement. Your daily activities, community involvement and your holiday parties want to be seen by your followers! Now, go and post your team selfie today!



Sharing is Caring. Sharing on Facebook is how you update followers on trending news, build client and business relationships and demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field! Don’t be afraid to hit that ‘share’ button on a post on your newsfeed that might be useful content for your followers to see. This will also help you create a connection to the page you shared it from.


Be Consistent. Give your brand a voice and stick to it. Although posting and sharing content often is important, make sure it stays consistent with your company’s brand. Sharing a video of a dog dancing might be hilarious to your best friend from high school, but that doesn’t mean it belongs on your Facebook business page.

While you’re posting relevant content and driving leads to your website, don’t forget to HAVE FUN! Showing your personality is key to getting more Facebook engagement. You got this!

Happy posting!