Whiteboard Marketing

Where It All Began

Sean White founded Whiteboard Marketing in 2005. At that time, Sean primarily worked to produce television spots for clients, eventually adding more marketing services, at their request. Over time, clients began entrusting Sean to make all marketing, advertising, communication, and business growth decisions. It was at this point he realized just how valuable an all-inclusive marketing plan is for small to medium sized businesses. In response, he created Whiteboard Marketing as an off-site marketing department.

Our Team Today

Now, Whiteboard Marketing continues to flourish as one of Columbus’ top marketing firms. With its unmatched level of personalized service, Whiteboard Marketing continues to fulfill the original mission of providing comprehensive marketing solutions to businesses. Continuing to grow, the Whiteboard Marketing team now includes account executives, social media specialists, an online reputation manager, web developer, graphic designer, and more. The Whiteboard Marketing team loves what they do and find it so motivating to find new, innovative ways to help clients move businesses forward.

Whether you need a single service, like web design, or a full marketing plan, let the Whiteboard team help you to reach your goals and while creating new ones for the future. We believe in marketing made simple.

  • Sean White

Sean White
CEO + Owner

Sean blames his clients on where Whiteboard Marketing is today! Since 2005, Sean has built relationships with small and medium-sized businesses throughout central Ohio, helping them meet their sales and marketing goals. He is proud to say that many of his clients are also personal friends – a testament to the time and attention Whiteboard Marketing gives to each client. Sean is a graduate of The Ohio State University. He has three active children and loves being a youth football coach.

  • Kristi Simone

Kristi Simone

Kristi manages all areas of marketing at Whiteboard Marketing, including project management, brand-building, team strategy and client service. Kristi utilizes her agency and small business experience to deliver the best quality and strategy possible to Whiteboard Marketing clients. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Kristi has four crazy-busy kids and the best bad dog in the world.

  • Shanna Young

Shanna Young
Senior Account Director

Shanna wants to live in a bubble world filled with beautiful and creative décor, tons of shoes, and electronics that need no instructions, all bundled together with a ribbon ending all cancer causing agents. She is a graduate of Ohio University…Go Bobcats! Her communication and marketing degrees along with working in various advertising mediums have helped develop her passion to help client projects with direction, strategy and let’s not forget: creativity. Shanna’s favorite food group is Diet Coke…the nutrient that enables managing her husband and three children’s crazy schedules.

  • Jody White

Jody White
Senior Account Director

Jody loves to help clients build their presence through social media, SEO, PPC, email, blogs and website design. She uses her experience with small business marketing to deliver the best service and strategy possible to the Whiteboard client family. She and husband Sean are blessed with three amazing kids.

  • Brendan Purves

Brendan Purves
Senior Account Director

Brendan brings years of experience in print journalism, social media, and digital marketing to Whiteboard Marketing, and is passionate about learning his client’s needs and working with the Whiteboard team to tailor a plan that best fit their business. As a Miami grad he’s always had a soft spot for Ohio, but he is a Pittsburgh transplant and a huge Steelers fan… don’t hold that against him. Brendan and his wife have two little girls who keep them very busy. And yes, he feels totally outnumbered at home… at least the dogs are boys.

  • Alex Foley

Alex Foley
Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Alex works each day to develop and oversee long-lasting, strategic marketing plans based on each client’s unique needs and goals. Alex has worked with national corporations and local businesses alike. He brings over 9 years of marketing experience, with emphasis on copywriting, digital marketing, marketing automation, account management, and data-driven strategy building. When he is not hard at work for his clients, Alex enjoys exploring the great outdoors and rooting maniacally for his Ohio State Buckeyes.

  • Brittanee Barton

Brittanee Barton
Local SEO + Account Coordinator

Serving in multiple capacities, Brittanee coordinates various client marketing projects, manages our clients’ local business listings and fulfills the role of copywriter. She also takes care of day-to-day responsibilities around the office. Brittanee is a Columbus native and a graduate of Marshall University. She earned a journalism and sports marketing degree and was captain of the coed cheerleading team. Outside of work, Brittanee is a big Buckeye, Herd and Cleveland fan. She also really enjoys to-do lists, Lucky Charms, her friends and family, weekend trips, country concerts, and an empty gym.

  • Steve Driskill

Steve Driskill
Director of Search Marketing

Steve has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization. He has worked with businesses ranging is size from start-ups to publicly traded companies. As a father of three boys, he enjoys spending time with his family, and is an avid sports fan.

  • Jon Krempasky

Jon Krempasky
Pay Per Click Specialist

Jon manages all of our PPC campaigns with a fine tooth comb. Driven by data, he analyzes and optimizes campaigns in order to provide the best ROI for our clients. Jon is a third generation Miami University graduate and is passionate about staying on top of all of the latest digital marketing trends and techniques. In his free time, Jon loves to watch soccer (Chelsea FC and Columbus SC are his favorite teams), go to the gym and play competitive video games.

  • Hanna Ellison

Hanna Ellison
Digital Marketing and Reputation Manager

Hanna directs our online reputation management service while helping clients broadcast their unique brand voices through social media management. She is excited about getting more engagement for her clients in new and creative ways. She graduated from The Ohio State University with majors in Marketing and Spanish. She enjoys watching movies with her husband and quoting them frequently, as well as playing on multiple sports leagues.

  • Jackie King

Jackie King
Digital Marketing Manager

Jackie has deep love for all things marketing. Her primary responsibilities at Whiteboard Marketing include social media management and email and content marketing strategy. She is passionate about creating fresh and engaging work for clients and watching their results come to fruition. Jackie is a graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Journalism. She is an avid Ohio State Buckeyes and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

  • Nicole Weiss

Nicole Weiss
Digital Marketing Specialist

Nicole has never met a social media platform she hasn’t liked! Her role as a Digital Marketing Specialist has afforded her the opportunity to turn her love of all things social into a career. She enjoys creating unique content for her clients, as well as engaging with their consumers. Nicole is a graduate of Ohio Dominican University with a major in Public Relations and Marketing Communications. To unplug, it is likely that she will be binge watching any reality series on the Bravo TV Network or online shopping!

  • Marissa Fracassa

Marissa Fracassa
Digital Marketing Specialist

As a digital marketing specialist, Marissa loves helping every client build a strong and captivating online presence. She’s a graduate from The Ohio State University with a degree in strategic communications, and she enjoys using her words to express her clients’ unique brand voices. When she’s not at work, you can find her on the court playing and coaching volleyball. She’s an avid puppy lover and never turns away something sweet!

  • Sheila Rowlands

Sheila Rowlands
Website Controller

Sheila oversees each step in website management to make sure clients get the most out of their sites. She also helps with writing, marketing, and whatever else this awesome team needs! When she’s not working, Sheila is likely to be found whipping up a deliciously complicated concoction from the Food Network.

  • Lacey Whiteboard

Lacey Whiteboard
Professional Mood Booster

Hi, friends! I’m Lacey Whiteboard! And, I’m the official mascot of Whiteboard Marketing! I like walks in the park, sleeping on my back with my paws up and dog treats with a little crunch.