Sean White

Founder and CEO

First and foremost, Sean’s the reason we’re all here. He started Whiteboard Marketing, once upon a time, and it’s thanks to his vision, expertise, and persistent reminders to not leave dishes in the sink that we’re delivering dental marketing solutions to support your practice today.

Sean may be the first member of our team you’ll meet. He loves talking to dentists about all the ways we can work together to support, strengthen, and grow your practice, while freeing you up to do what you do—and love—best, dentistry.

And don’t worry, that’s not the last you’ll see of him. While Sean’s steering the ship with one hand, he’s answering texts, emails, and calls with the other. Afterall, his competitive side isn’t just reserved for sports—whether he’s on the sidelines for his kids or one of his other favorite teams. Sean wants to see our clients win, too. Dentistry doesn’t have as many trophies, but each time he sees you grow so much that you have to hire a new associate, open another location, bring on new staff, or expand your hours because you’ve exceeded your new patient goals, well, let’s say he has his own goal celebration.

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