App Page With Googly My Business App in the Middle

Why Are Google Posts Important for Dentists?

App Page With Googly My Business App in the Middle

Why Are Google Posts Important for Dentists?

Google Posts are updates you can post directly to your Google Business Profile that provide business updates, offers and event information to anyone searching for your business. At Whiteboard Marketing, we post Google Posts twice a month on our clients’ Google Business Profiles as part of our Local SEO and social media services.

Screen Shot Showing How Relevant a Business is When Searching in Google

Since Google considers dentists local businesses, it is critical you utilize Google Posts for your dental practice. Doing so helps optimize your Google Business Profile. Here is an overview of the importance of Google Posts, how they impact your practice and why you should use them. This is based on our own clients’ successes, and a recent project we did inspired by the research of Local SEO expert Joy Hawkins.

Example of Blog post Encouraging Readers to Learn More about Sealants

Why Should Dentists Use Google Posts?

Not only do frequent Google Posts provide a direct opportunity to communicate with anybody searching for your practice, but they are also excellent to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you have a consistent posting strategy each month for your Google Posts, Google will view your business as reliable. This is excellent for your Expertise, Authority and Trust (EAT), the gold standard of SEO.

Image Advising for Dentists to Add Weekly Google Posts

While social media is a great space to communicate with people who already actively follow your practice, Google Posts allow you to communicate with all people searching for your practice

Example of Blog about Scheduling a Consultation for Invisalign

Additionally, they are great for mobile searchers, too, since the feature is primarily designed to help people searching from their phones.

Example of Blog Post with Words Use it or Lose it

Finally, Google Posts provide a free form of advertising for businesses. Since you can post offers and deals with Google Posts, they provide an opportunity to advertise your services and special promotions on Google without paying for an advertisement.

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Fast Facts About Local Search and Dental Practices

  • 90% of patients search online for a dentist, either to find a new dentist or to confirm a referral from friends, family or the community. 
  • Nearly 50% of all searches are for a dentist “near me,” commonly referred to as a local search.
  • 70% of patients will visit a practice or business because of the information they found online.
  • According to our in-office CallRail analytics, 50% of our clients’ calls and direction requests come from their Google Business Profile.

Graph Depicting Results of Using Google My Business

What Makes the Best Google Posts for Dentists? 

Recently, our team examined over 200 Google Posts from our clients to compare how well they performed in terms of views and clicks. We utilized a July 2021 study from Local SEO expert Joy Hawkins for factors to analyze, including: 

  • Using emojis in posts
  • Posts with titles
  • All caps titles
  • Using different styles of posts, like “Event” and “What’s New”
  • Using different calls-to-action (CTAs) in posts, like “Learn More” and “Call Now”
  • Stock photos for posts versus organic, in-office photos
  • Photos with text on them

Example of Dental Blog with Woman using Blue light Teeth Whitener

Our Recommendations: Google Posts for Dentists

In our study, we discovered that the top-performing posts included:

  • Attention-grabbing, to-the-point titles
  • A strong CTA, with “Learn More” being the most successful
  • An aesthetically pleasing graphic, usually including organic, in-office imagery

Need Help With Your Local SEO and Google Post Strategy?

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Written by Anna L. Davies, Digital Marketing Specialist at Whiteboard Marketing.