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Unlock The Benefits As You Level Up With Google

Google Maps pin graphic

Unlock The Benefits As You Level Up With Google

It’s simple. It’s time to become a Local Guide on Google. Local Guide helps Google users explore the world and you get amazing benefits in return. From every place you go, Google Maps improves and earns you points towards something brand new!

Do you have event photos to post? Do you have an amazing review to share? Perfect. Every place you take pictures, review or provide information about, you will earn points. Here are 5 easy ways to earn points…

Level 1 –

  • Get the daily scoops with Local Guide on a monthly newsletter.
  • Sign up for Google – hosted workshops, webinars and Hangouts.
  • Enter into exclusive contest for Local Guide (in select counties).

Level 2 –

  • Early access to new Google features and products.
  • Use Local Guides calendar to promote your own meet ups.

Level 3 –

  • Reach more people with your Local Guides badge in Google Maps.
  • Connect with other Local Guides in the exclusive Google+ community.
  • Use Local Guides community channels to lead conversations.
  • Use Google-hosted events to receive invites in select cities.

Level 4 –

  • Upgrade Google Drive storage for FREE.
  • Become eligible to be featured on Local Guide channels.
  • Receive an annual thank you gift from Google.

Level 5 –

  • Always a Google “insider”. You’ll be able to test new products before the public.
  • Apply to attend Google’s Level 5 Guides summit.

Are you ready to join the Local Guide community?