Man and woman at work

Top 9 Features Every Modern Dental Practice Website Needs

Man and woman at work

Top 9 Features Every Modern Dental Practice Website Needs

In today’s marketing world there are many ways to get the word out about your business, but your website will be the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. When you are looking at the content that your website provides, there are certain features you can add that will help provide important information to patients and prospective patients. We will go through nine items that will not only help inform customers, but generate more business by converting new customers.

  • Clear CTA (Call to Action)

Man and woman at workWhen it comes to converting potential customers, the most important part is giving them the option to convert through CTAs (Call To Actions). Examples of this can be giving out a free evaluation, scheduling an appointment, or simply just to contact your office. Clear CTAs can be provided through bright colors in the navigation, towards the bottom (footer) of every page, and also in different sections throughout the site where it makes the most sense. You can have multiple CTAs but the best solution is to direct potential customers to the place you want them to convert.

Reviews are very important to reassure potential customers they will have a good experience with your business. Reviews can be seen on Google Reviews, but also having the reviews on your website provides an easy way for them to see that you are providing a transparent view of what your current customers really think. 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

One of the most important resources you can have with any website is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a way of optimizing your website to make search engines understand exactly what your website is providing to anyone searching for that type of content. When a person searches for a dentist in your area, the search engine will know that your website fits that description, and include your website in the top of the search results. Search engines will also grade your website on many different factors based on how well the website is built; based on that score you can be placed higher in search results than competitors. 

  • Mobile Responsive Site

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets have become more and more common. With the creation of so many devices, there was a need to make websites look good on any screen. In the year 2020, the amount of users that viewed websites on mobile was the same amount of people that viewed it on desktop. This means that if you do not have a mobile responsive website, there is a good chance that you are losing half of the potential customers that visit your website.

  • Sticky Navigation

The navigation of any site is supposed to be a clear way to allow a person to get to the information they want to know quickly. Not only should your navigation be well structured but making it stick to the top of the page allows for the ability to get to any page without scrolling back to the top of the page. Having the sticky header also means there is a CTA visible all the way through the site, so that it allows a person to convert at any time. 

  • Rich Content 

Besides having a potential client fill out their information, the next most important part of a website is providing the person information about your business. Content that is considered “rich” is information that is full of valuable information. It provides more understanding about your business, as opposed to information you could find anywhere else. Some of the things that you can provide to help develop more rich content are team bios, photos of your team and practice, and all of the services that you offer. Not only will this information help a person get a better understanding of your business, but it will also provide better SEO potential.

  • Patient Resources

Websites can also be a great resource for your business by also helping with patient resources. Online billing, online forms, and online scheduling are all great examples of resources that can help your business and your patients. 

  • Click to Call on Mobile

Having a potential client convert by filling out their information is great, but while a person is on mobile, it is very easy for them to call and set up an appointment. Since this is the case, switching or adding the CTA in the header can increase the number of people who convert. 

  • White Space

One of the most controversial conversations that I have with clients is about not getting rid of “white space” on the website. “White space” is a term for any space on the website that does not include content or images, even if the color of the background is another color besides white. This separation of content is important to not overwhelm the user, and allow you to guide the user’s eye to the content you want them to see. This is also relevant to having a clear CTA and making sure that we are trying to convert that potential client. If there is information that is important to add on the website, I recommend that it is added in a place on the homepage, and added into the navigation as a link so that it does not take away from the main CTA. 


There are many things that you can do to improve your current website, but most of these items need to be included into the initial design and development of the website. It is important to work with an agency who fully understands the web design and development standards, and makes sure that you are getting the best possible website. At Whiteboard Marketing we make sure that all of our websites meet these standards, and also help clients understand why we make the changes that we make. If you would like to have a conversation on how we can help you with your website goals, reach out to us anytime.