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Implement These 5 Reopening Marketing Strategies to Boost your Patient Visits

GMB update Graph

Implement These 5 Reopening Marketing Strategies to Boost your Patient Visits

As we continue to closely monitor analytics for our clients throughout COVID-19, we have seen some interesting trends as dental practices re-open across the country.

  • Over the last few weeks, we have seen a rebirth of searches for “dentist” and “dentist near me”, and a rise in new searches for “dentist PPE” and “safe dentist”.
  • We also have seen a direct correlation between our clients’ Google Posts and their rankings on Google Maps.
  • Social media insights for client Facebook posts show more engagements, comments, and likes than ever before.
  • Our clients have seen a 65% increase in patient calls.

As you reopen your dental practice, implement these 5 marketing strategies immediately to leverage your presence on Google when patients search for a dentist. 

Some of these ideas are not new to us or you, as we have been communicating them loudly and consistently during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Add a special banner to your website home page and link it to your practice safety and sterilization protocols page. Be sure to include keywords that patients are searching for, such as dentist PPE and safe dentist.
  2. If you have an infection control coordinator, add this “title” to his/her bio.
  3. Boost your Facebook posts to reach more people in your community and within your patient demographic.
  4. Add your COVID-19 or sterilization web page and your teledentistry page URLs to your Google My Business Page.
  5. Regularly post your practice updates and messages on your practice Google My Business page.

Google My Business Insights

Posting regularly on your practice GMB page is vital to your local search engine optimization strategy. These posts have a direct impact on local search results when someone in your area is searching for a dentist. This means, that when you post an event or post on GMB, you are more likely to show up during a search.

We will continue to keep you updated on ideas, tips, and actions that will impact your practice throughout and after COVID-19.  Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US us at any time, as we are always here to answer questions, problem-solve and build strategies that will work best for you.

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