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Are You Properly Measuring Your Social Selling Strategy on LinkedIn?

Google Analytics

Are You Properly Measuring Your Social Selling Strategy on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows your business to measure multiple different statistics to track the success of your marketing throughout your ‘selling process.’ If you’re not already, it’s time to make sure you’re properly tracking the effectiveness of your social selling using LinkedIn.

But first, what is social selling? Social selling is the process of developing professional relationships during a sales process. LinkedIn is the #1 social media outlet for social selling to take place. According to Forbes, “social selling is about building stronger relationships with potential buyers, based on an authentic sense of empathy and a deep understanding of the problems they face.”

Below are some tips to help you monitor your success of reaching reliable prospects…

Monitor Your Conversion Rates. You want to convert as many LinkedIn connections into sales as possible. Google Analytics is a great tool to track sale conversions from your website as well as LinkedIn. Make sure conversion tracking is set up on the page you’re sending potential buyers to on your website.  

Track Referral Traffic. You want to make sure you’re tracking all referrals you get through LinkedIn. Google Analytics is also the perfect tool for this step.

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Once you see LinkedIn, click on the hyperlink and you will be able to analyze your referral rate from LinkedIn.

Measure Connections & Engagement. Measuring your social selling efforts by increasing your connections, content likes & shares, and follower engagement is key. By focusing your efforts on this, you will not only build brand awareness and visibility, you will increase your lead rate. Showcasing your business on LinkedIn through content will help your company build trust with your potential referrals. Use Google Analytics to track what content your audience is converting on most, and use those insights as a source of planning for future posts.

Social selling is a key tactic when looking to achieve more sales on LinkedIn. Using Google Analytics to measure accurate referrals numbers from LinkedIn (or any other social media site) is a crucial step in this process. Not only can Google Analytics help you tailor your social content to what your audience wants or needs, but it can help your business track online sales directly from LinkedIn.

Are you ready to start properly measuring your marketing strategy on LinkedIn?