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5 Tools to Take Your Social Media From Good to Great

laptop computer

5 Tools to Take Your Social Media From Good to Great

marketing toolsYou don’t have to be a graphic designer or advertising expert to create click-worthy, engaging content for your practice/business’ social media page. Below are five easy-to-use social media tools that our digital marketing team uses to schedule great content for our clients.

1. Canva

This user-friendly graphic software is perfect for creating eye-catching graphics and branded content quickly and painlessly. Canva includes a wide variety of templates, design features, and stock photos for FREE that can be edited and customized to your brand. Upload your company logo, add it to a photo of your choosing and instantly you have a graphic to post across all social media outlets. Click the link below to create a Canva account:

2. Hootsuite

Do you wish you could schedule your social posts in advance? Hootsuite is a great scheduling platform & one-stop-shop for creating multiple posts at once.  Connect all your social sites to Hootsuite, then you can write a caption, add a graphic, shorten links and schedule your posts for when you want them to go out, all in one spot. Click the link below to learn more about Hootsuite:

cell phone3. Cell Phone

With today’s cell phone technology anyone can be a professional photographer/ videographer! Use your cell phone to shoot quick, organic video content that you can post to your pages.

4. Facebook Insights

Facebook provides a free analytic tracker for business pages. This recorded post-performance includes page likes, post reach, post views and more.  If you are curious about how your Facebook posts are performing, click the “Insights” tab at the top of the home page on your Facebook account. 

5. Bitly

Extra-long URL’s can be a distraction on any social media post. Bitly is a URL shortener that aids in making your posts look clean and professional.  Use Bitly today!

The world of social media marketing is ever-changing. There are other useful tools that can be utilized to make one of a kind content, however, these are currently some of the easiest, software systems available.