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Live Chat helps you convert patients 24/7.

In today’s society of “immediate gratification,” it’s crucial to have tools and resources that allow a website visitor to communicate with consumers on their terms and time. Our website chat feature is a re-emerging trend used by dentists to answer patients’ questions and allow the practice the opportunity to capture important contact information to convert to an appointment. 

That’s why we recommend website chat as a part of your overall patient communication and acquisition strategy. Chatters manage your program 24/7/365 to answer questions and capture necessary contact information for a follow-up from your office.

Live chat helps you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get started.

Our Dental Live Website Chat Service

You need Live Chat on your website.

Our chat feature is live on your website 24/7, and with about 25% of web visits coming after hours and 17% on weekends, they help capture crucial lead information and convert appointments.

The live chatters facilitate the process of acquiring the patient and assist in keeping them from leaving your site by collecting their contact information and letting them know that one of your team members will be in touch with them to convert the appointment. To be clear, our chat program does not schedule the appointment in your system. 


We set up your chat in our HIPAA compliant dashboard and provide you with a sheet of 30 questions to answer about your practice. Live chat agents (chatters) use the answers to your questions to provide accurate consistent messaging. 

Live Chat During Business Hours

  • Live chatters manage your program and answer patients’ questions. When a patient is interested in scheduling an appointment or has additional questions, chatters will connect the call directly to your office to convert the appointment.
  • After the chat has ended, a copy of the transcript is sent to your office as a ‘lead’ and then the follow-up process is initiated by your team.

Live Chat When Office is Closed

When your office is closed, patients are still online and searching for a dentist.

  • Live chatters continue to manage your program, communicating the messages from your 30-question answers.
  • Once the conversation is ended, a copy of the transcription is sent to your office as a ‘lead.”
  • Follow-up by your team should be initiated when the office reopens.

Messaging Updates

Your chat program evolves as you add new services, promotions, or messages that are important to your patients.

We update your 30-question answers or add new information as needed to ensure chat agents are responding with the correct answers and steps for your practice. 

Tracking + Reporting

Our WM team tracks and analyzes the chats, leads and conversions.

You’re also given login credentials to the chat dashboard that will detail all of the conversations and leads that have taken place on your website.

Marketing Consultation

We review the analytics with you as part of our monthly Practice Marketing Consulting service.

These marketing strategies and tools integrate with your Dental Live Chat program.

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We have used Whiteboard Marketing for all aspects of our digital and conventional marketing needs. They are an integral part of our daily practice and have played a large role in our recent success. I highly recommend Whiteboard Marketing for your practice and study club.

-Dr. Fred Sakamoto,
Central Ohio Periodontics

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