Spring Clean Your Dental Marketing for a Patient-Attracting Refresh

Spring Clean Your Dental Marketing for a Patient-Attracting Refresh

Spring Clean Your Dental Marketing for a Patient-Attracting Refresh

Spring Clean Your Dental Marketing for a Patient-Attracting Refresh

Dust Off Your Dental Website for a Sparkling Online Presence

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Your website is the virtual face of your dental practice. Is it appealing to visitors or leaving them wanting more? You can use this spring cleaning opportunity to overhaul your site’s design, content marketing, and user experience.

Pro tips: 

  • Declutter by removing outdated content and broken links 
  • Deep clean by optimizing each page for search engines
  • Polish your  visuals with fresh photos/videos of your modern office
  • Update team bios and dental service pages to reflect offerings accurately
  • Refresh and revitalize  with a responsive, mobile-friendly website redesign
  • Update current patient testimonials
  • Have a call to action with contact information

These strategies consistently deliver strong results, such as for the cosmetic dentist who saw a 35% increase in appointment requests and jumped ten spots in their local search ranking by following these tips.

Sweep Away Negative Sentiment with Reputation Management

Negative online reviews can have a lasting impact on your practice, potentially turning away prospective patients. It is crucial to prioritize managing your online reputation to ensure the success and growth of your practice. Responding promptly and professionally to all reviews shows that you care about your patients’ experiences and are committed to addressing any concerns effectively.

Encouraging satisfied patients to leave positive reviews can counteract negative feedback’s effects and showcase your practice’s strengths. Remember, a positive online reputation is key to standing out in today’s competitive dental landscape 

Pro tips:

  • Audit reviews across Google, Facebook and other sites 
  • Respond promptly to all feedback – positive and negative
  • Identify and remove any fake reviews
  • Encourage satisfied patients to leave new positive reviews
  • Showcase glowing testimonials on your website and social media

Using these patient-first tactics, a Whiteboard Marketing partner transformed their online reputation, boosting their practice’s rating to an impressive 4.8 stars.

Refresh Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Sparkle


In the digital age, having an optimized online presence is key. Is your website showing up top Google search results or getting lost in the dusty corners of evolving algorithms? It’s time to shake out the SEO strategy cobwebs and get dental patients making phone calls to you again.

Pro tips:

  • Audit your website’s existing optimization and identify areas that need improvement
  • Declutter by removing any duplicate, thin, or poor-performing content pages
  • Tidy up  page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags to include relevant keywords
  • Update and optimize existing content to keep it fresh and valuable
  • Clear out any broken links or redirect outdated URLs
  • Check your Local SEO presence: Is your Google Business Profile verified, optimized, and consistent with other listings’ Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers? 

After a comprehensive dental SEO spring cleaning, we grew a local dentist’s organic search traffic by 35% and achieved first-page rankings for key terms like ‘family dentist near me.'”

Polish Up Your Dental Office Social Presence

When was the last time you really went through and cleaned up your social media profiles? Letting your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages get stale or filled with outdated information is the digital equivalent of not dusting those hard-to-reach places. 

Pro Tips: 

  • Audit all your social accounts – remove outdated bios, incorrect office details, broken links
  • Declutter by deleting or archiving old, underperforming posts
  • Brighten up your profile aesthetic with fresh cover photos, branded visuals, and a streamlined content layout to engage and attract followers
  • Update your about sections, services listed, and links to your refreshed website
  • Revamp your posting strategy with a fresh content calendar full of engaging topics and timely posting schedules

After revamping a Facebook page with an updated About section, fresh photos, and a local audience-focused content strategy, the practice achieved a 27% increase in followers and engagement.

And Remember, You Don’t Have to Do This Alone 

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

A proper spring cleaning doesn’t just make your home feel fresher – it can revitalize your entire dental practice’s marketing presence too. By dusting off your website, polishing your online reputation, and refreshing your digital curb appeal, you’ll delight and engage your current patients and be ready to bring in new ones too! But don’t stop there! Commit to regularly sprucing up your dental marketing campaigns for year-round growth.