Traditional Dental Marketing

These dental marketing strategies help grow your practice.

The most effective dental practice marketing program includes a combination of digital and traditional channels, including TV and radio advertising, direct mail, billboards, print ads, and other opportunities in your community.

These traditional channels typically augment your digital strategy, by reaching prospective patients when they’re not online.

Traditional dental marketing helps you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get Started.

Our Traditional Dental Marketing Services

TV Advertising

We work with you to identify the most effective TV ad buy strategy to reach your target patient demographic at the right times. We understand the importance of reach and frequency to help drive a new patient conversion for your office.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising opens up a new world of opportunities to reach prospective patients when they are captive audiences on the platforms they choose. We identify the best platform for your demographic – local stations, Sirius XM, Pandora, NPR, etc. – and develop an ad buy strategy that fits your budget.

Print Ads

Print ads in local newspapers or magazines are important brand-building strategies for your practice. Our team helps design the ad, craft the messaging, and facilitates the buy and placement of your print ads.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail for dentists is a powerful strategy to reach new residents to your community. It’s also a very effective way to target and reach prospective patients within your ideal demographic, including household income, age, location, and other key factors. We design the direct mail pieces, purchase the audience list and manage distribution.


Depending on the market, billboards can be an incredibly effective medium to attract and acquire patients. We research the billboard locations and opportunities that are right for your practice. Then, we help develop the graphics and messaging to generate conversions.


Local Community Ads

Don’t count local advertising out of your practice marketing strategy. Local church bulletins, sports programs, etc. are a powerful way to convey to current and prospective patients that you care about the community. And, it’s affordable! As part of our Practice Marketing Consulting service, we help you identify the opportunities that make the most sense for your practice.

Community Involvement

As part of our Practice Marketing Consulting service, we can also help you decide which local community programs, non-profits, and events you may want to be a part of – for team-building, brand enhancement, and new patient conversion.


An important part of your traditional marketing is the development of your brand collaterals, including practice flyers, brochures, and ads. Our team can help you with the strategy, messaging, and design for all collaterals your practice needs.

Traditional Marketing for Dentists

Our Recommendations

At Whiteboard Marketing, we don’t recommend traditional marketing for every dentist. Our team takes the time to understand your practice goals and budget, as well as your local community’s opportunities.

Direct Mail, TV and radio advertising, billboards, print advertising, etc. require larger budgets and repeat distribution to generate reach and frequency that converts. These strategies are not a one-time investment.

But, our dentists who implement these programs see a significant ROI of new patient conversions.

These important marketing strategies impact your SEO and new patient acquisition strategy.

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We have used Whiteboard Marketing for all aspects of our digital and conventional marketing needs. They are an integral part of our daily practice and have played a large role in our recent success. I highly recommend Whiteboard Marketing for your practice and study club.

-Dr. Fred Sakamoto,
Central Ohio Periodontics

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