Dental Practice Social Media Marketing

Your dental social media tells the authentic story of your practice brand.

Authenticity breeds trust in your prospective patients and loyalty from your current patients. That’s why social media is so vital to helping you attract and convert patients.

At Whiteboard Marketing, our team works with you to define targeted audiences through the most effective social channels for your practice. Similar to our approach to SEO, Google Advertising, and Website design, we believe the first step to having a great social media program is to identify great content – your messages, voice, key services, promotions, and other components to develop your content marketing strategy and tell your story.  Then, our job is to “post with purpose” to achieve engagement and brand awareness.

Our Social Media strategies help you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get started.

Our Dental Social Media Marketing Process


  • Our team optimizes and enhances your practice Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google My Business pages, as well as other channels we identify as best for your brand identity and patients.
  • And, we develop a content strategy for each social media channel identified and create a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) that includes monthly standard posts and targeted messaging that is integrated into all aspects of your practice’s marketing strategy.


Our Digital Marketing Specialists:

  • Produce and publish relevant content on social networks approximately three times per week. 
  • Continuously update services, hours, phone numbers, and other information on all accounts to ensure consistency. 
  • Monitor your social networks and respond/converse with followers’ posts, comments, and private messages to enhance your brand reputation.


  • Our digital marketing specialists work with your team to get additional “action” or office/team-focused images and videos as a part of our overall strategy.
  • When needed, we plan informal or organized photo shoots and video topics for organic content to use for social media posts and websites.

Our most successful clients are dentists and staff that actively work with us to provide unique, authentic images that attract patients.

Build + Engage

  • We work with your team to develop in-office and email campaigns to increase followers and likes. And, we organically build your followers through other strategies.
  • Our team also networks with your referring dentists and specialists by commenting and sharing posts as part of your overall strategy.

Monitor, Analyze + Report

  • As part of our services, we monitor your social posts and boosts to identify audience engagement and increased followers. Our automated monthly reporting provides you with actionable insights to help direct your overall social media strategy.

Google Posts for Dentists

As part of our dental social media services, we regularly feature your key promotions and services on your Google Business Profile by creating Google Posts. For our clients, we see a direct relationship between Google posts and an increase in direction requests and phone calls to their dental practices.

YouTube Videos for Dentists

We add video subtitles when we post your videos on Facebook and YouTube. 85% of all videos are watched without sound. Text overlays increase the rate of viewership, so we add a text overlay, when applicable, to your videos to increase reach and viewership.

These services are an important component of your Dental Practice Social Media strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An important part of our social media strategy is “boosting” specific Facebook or Instagram posts to news feeds to reach a larger, more targeted audience. Boosted posts are the simplest, most affordable way to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. We boost social posts that have a specific message or call-to-action in mind. And, just like Facebook advertising, we have the same ability to select the audience demographics and geolocation that most closely fit your patient base.

We believe in focusing on the social media channels that net the greatest impact on new patient acquisition and retention.

With more than 2.79 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social platform in the world. YouTube is number two. The average Facebook audience is women between the ages of 25 – 44 years old, with another 11% 45 and older.

The average dental care decisionmaker matches that same demographic, which makes Facebook the ideal platform to reach targeted audiences with messaging that will attract and retain patients.

Here are some other statistics that make the case for making Facebook our top social media priority:

  • 73% of U.S. Facebook users log and spend an average of 33 minutes on the platform each day, which means we have tremendous opportunities to reach prospective and current patients where they “live” online.
  • 57% of U.S. social media users use Facebook to share content, which means users are engaging and influencing their friends and family.
  • Two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business Page weekly. Google considers a dental practice to be a local business.

YouTube is the second largest social media channel and is owned by Google. Posting and optimizing videos on YouTube help with your SEO and content strategy.

As mentioned above, Google considers dental practices a local business. Your Google My Business profile is the single most important tool and channel you can use to promote your practice directly to prospective and current patients near you.

We optimize and manage your GMB profile through our Local Search and Google My Business service, we post Google posts regularly through our Social Media Marketing process.

We have seen a direct correlation between the frequency of Google Posts and an increase in calls and contacts to the practice.

For our dental clients, we utilize Twitter as a “local directory” and consistent platform for new content.

We find that most dental patients don’t typically engage with dentists on Twitter so we don’t focus on building followers. Instead, we implement frequent, regular posts on Twitter to help aggregate fresh, unique content online, helping your SEO and online presence.

Instagram is becoming another important platform for dentists to marketing to current and prospective patients. We recommend using Instagram to our clients when we think a dental practice’s patient base and channel demographic matches.

We don’t recommend Instagram for every dentist, but as the Instagram demographic evolves, we may make this decision in the future. Currently, more than half of Instagram users are 34 years old or younger.

For our WM dental clients’ Instagram pages, we utilize this channel for brand-building, not necessarily for patient acquisition.

The posting strategy for Instagram is different than Facebook. So, when we post on Instagram for our dental clients, we need to work directly with a practice team member who can frequently send us more organic action images that are fun, funny, interesting, and engaging.

We have used Whiteboard Marketing for all aspects of our digital and conventional marketing needs. They are an integral part of our daily practice and have played a large role in our recent success. I highly recommend Whiteboard Marketing for your practice and study club.

-Dr. Fred Sakamoto,
Central Ohio Periodontics

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