Social Media Advertising for Dentists

Social media ads convert patients where they “live” online.

With Facebook’s continuous evolution and significant decline in organic post reach, businesses must find new ways to get their message in front of Facebook and Instagram users. It has become almost a requirement to advertise on Facebook to reach your social potential on the platform. Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to promote specials, procedures or specific services to prospective patients near your practice, as well as communicate your unique brand attributes to the surrounding community. Because Facebook owns Instagram, we are able to run ads on both platforms even if you don’t have a practice Instagram page. 

Ultimately, we recommend a combination of PPC and SEO as the most effective, long-term marketing strategy for any dentist.

Your social media ads help you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get started.

Our Social Media Advertising Process

Campaign Set-Up

Facebook Pixel

We’ll install a Facebook ad pixel onto your website to start to collect data about the type of users who are visiting your website. This pixel allows us to track and advertise to visitors from your site who then visit their Facebook page.

Audience Segmentation

Creating and targeting the correct audiences is key to the success of your social media ad campaigns. We love Facebook ads because we can target your prospective patients on a granular level, including gender, age, proximity to your office, education, interests, and more. We’ll focus on segmenting the demographic audience that is most similar to your current patient base.

Graphics Creation

Engaging ad copy and graphics will help Facebook and Instagram users understand why they should choose your practice.

  • We use best practices for ad copy and graphics, and A/B test to ensure we are achieving the optimal results.
  • We suggest running the ad copy and graphics for at least one month before changing them to make sure we have enough data to make an informed decision.

Landing Page

Once prospective patients click on the Facebook ad, they will be taken to a landing page strategically designed to motivate the viewer to convert by calling the office or scheduling online.

A landing page is different than your web page because its sole purpose is to generate a conversion. They have less content and more calls to action that are at the top of the page.

Management + Analytics

Managing your social media ad campaigns is really important to your overall investment and strategy. Our team:

  • Monitors the ads to determine which graphics and copy are generating the most impressions and clicks.
  • Removes the underperforming graphics.
  • Updates your ad campaigns based on your monthly strategies or promotions.

These marketing strategies work hand-in-hand with your Google Advertising campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Social Media Advertising Program

Social remarketing ads, on average, boost patient engagement by three times and double conversion rates! This strategy works because we target your website visitors on their Facebook and Instagram pages, so they’re already familiar with your name and brand.

Yes. Facebook actually owns Instagram, so we are able to advertise on Instagram through your Facebook manager.

Yes, you can, and we have had success with these types of campaigns for our dentists.

Yes! We find that the ads that perform best on social media include images of the dentist and team. We recommend starting clear of generic, stock photography for posts, boosts, and social ads. Social media users are looking for real, authentic images that they can’t get in a magazine.

At Whiteboard Marketing, our goal is to help you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want.

We define a patient conversion as a phone call, contact form, email or website chat lead to schedule, and an online scheduling that is directly traced to a marketing campaign.

Our attraction and acquisition strategies are specifically developed to bring prospective patients to your door. Once we have done this, however, it is up to you to schedule that prospective patient. We cannot do that for you.

That’s a great question. We will work with you to determine a recommended budget that will work for you based on your new patient goals.

Typically, we recommend a minimum of $250 per month per campaign per market. While social media advertising for dentists is significantly less than Google advertising for dentists, you still need to commit to a budget that will generate visibility and clicks.

I absolutely LOVE the entire team at Whiteboard! They go above and beyond for their clients and are experts in their field. Best business decision I made adding WM as a part of my team!

-Dr. Rashelle Salaita,
Salaita Orthodontics

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