Google Advertising for Dentists

You can own the top of the search page with Google ads.

Google advertising for dentists, also called Google pay-per-click advertising or PPC, enables your practice to automatically show up on Google when a prospective patient searches for dental services or a dentist in their area. Where SEO takes time to impact the search process and enable you to show up during a search, Google ads yield an immediate impact. Simply put, PPC ads give dentists the ability to be shown at the top of the page at the cost of paying for every click. Ultimately, we recommend a combination of PPC and SEO as the most effective, long-term marketing strategy for any dentist.

Google advertising helps you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get started.

Our Google Advertising Process

Campaign Set-up

We understand that every dentist’s brand, messaging and services are unique. Your advertising campaign should be, too.

  • Our team sets up your campaign inside our Google AdWords account to effectively implement, track and analyze your program.
  • We identify goals and set meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help direct your strategy.

Strategy + Keyword Identification

We base our recommendations on a thorough analysis of the most searched terms relevant to your practice and location, the average cost-per-click, and how competitive your industry is at bidding on similar keywords.

  • When we start your PPC program, we work with you to identify the treatments, procedures, services, and keywords you want to target to attract patients and increase revenue.  
  • We research and recommend other keywords we think will perform the best for your campaign. We determine exactly which terms and phrases your patients search for most often.

Ad Group Set-up

Your campaign is divided into specific ad groups, allowing us to target the key services, treatments, and procedures you want to focus on to attract new patients.

We segment your target market by geolocation and demographics so we reach the people who are searching for a new dentist in your area.

Text Ad Development

Next, we build targeted search ads based on the key services you want to show up for and unique messaging to make your practice stand out.

We write the copy that is most interesting to your prospective patients and then use industry best practices and features including site links, call extensions, callouts, and more.

Landing Page Creation

Building optimized landing pages is a key part of a successful digital campaign that is too often overlooked. 

  • The landing pages we create for your ads will correlate with the keywords we want to bid on, and are designed to drive conversions. 
  • The better your landing page, the higher quality score your ads will have, and the more conversions you will see over time.

We are a certified Google Partner!

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Bid Optimization

We use the bidding strategy best aligned with the identified KPIs of the campaign, whether that be cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM), or cost per acquisition (CPA).

There is more to bidding than just managing the budget. We focus on audience intent, bid adjusting, and other strategies to ensure we implement the most effective campaign for your practice.


Remarketing advertising happens when a website visitor leaves your site and an ad about your practice follows them as they continue to search on Google. Due to HIPAA, Google does not allow remarketing advertising for dentists.

However, for our dental Social Advertising clients, we are able to add a remarketing “snippet” to your website to show ads to patients who leave your website and view their Facebook pages. This is a very effective branding and conversion strategy.

Google Maps Ads

For our Local Search and GBP clients, we also add Google Maps ads as part of your dental Google ads program.

Because Google considers dental practices a local business, these ads show up on the Google map when a patient searches for important keywords + near me or your city name.

Management + Reporting

Campaign Management

Managing your Google ads campaign is one of the most important parts of your overall investment and strategy. Our team:

  • Removes underperforming, tests new, and adds negative ads/keywords.
  • Optimizes your landing pages to improve quality scores.
  • Implements changes and updates based on our regularly scheduled call with our Google Ads representative.

Analytics + Reporting

Our team also reviews the analytics and results to identify successes, challenges, and needed updates. Our team:

  • Reviews patient conversions (phone call or contact form submissions to your practice).
  • Provides you with a monthly report that includes valuable campaign metrics and results.

Consult + Strategy

As part of our Dental Practice Marketing Consulting service, our team will review your monthly results report with you and discuss any recommended changes or next steps.

This is a great opportunity for you to communicate how you think the program is working for your practice and ask questions.

These marketing strategies work hand-in-hand with your Google Advertising campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Practice Google Advertising Program

Yes, you can. However, we are required to include the words CEREC or Invisalign in the ad copy, which increases the cost-per-click (or cost of the ad for someone to click on it).

When we run a CEREC ad for clients, we focus on keywords like one-visit crowns, crowns in a day, one-day crowns, instead of specifically mentioning CEREC.

The recommended budget for these types should be higher to compete with CEREC and other practices that are advertising for the same keywords.

We are able to “dial back” specific demographics and “dial up” others. That doesn’t mean that you still won’t get calls from patients who are not a fit for your practice, as it is not guaranteed.

When you start to receive calls from specific types of patients, it is important that you talk with your WM Account Manager about it so we can review the demographics we have set for your campaign and adjust as needed.

At Whiteboard Marketing, our goal is to help you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want.

We define a patient conversion as a phone call, contact form, email or website chat lead to schedule, and an online scheduling that is directly traced to a marketing campaign.

Our attraction and acquisition strategies are specifically developed to bring prospective patients to your door. Once we have done this, however, it is up to you to schedule that prospective patient. We cannot do that for you.

We ask for a new patient tracking or referral report to compare the patient names to our own tracking results so we can absolutely confirm that the patient acquisition results from one of our marketing or advertising campaigns.

With so much happening at the front desk each day, the question, “How did you hear about us?” sometimes gets missed. So, anecdotal conversions from the dental office are not as accurate.

If you truly want to know if your marketing and advertising investment is working, we need the patient tracking report each month to provide accurate results and conversion confirmations.


We have used Whiteboard Marketing for all aspects of our digital and conventional marketing needs. They are an integral part of our daily practice and have played a large role in our recent success. I highly recommend Whiteboard Marketing for your practice and study club.

-Dr. Fred Sakamoto,
Central Ohio Periodontics

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