Dental Email Marketing

Email marketing to current patients increases your patient recare rate.

Your email marketing will help you improve your patient recall revenue, reduce cancellations and increase patient treatment acceptance. That’s why we recommend email marketing as a part of every dentist’s communications strategy, especially for your current patients.

Are you ready to increase patient retention and revenue by improving your current email program?

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Our Dental Email Marketing Process


Our Digital Marketing Specialists have extensive experience working with dental practice communication systems.

We’ll work with you, your front desk manager, or email point person to review your current email marketing program and communications platform; then, identify opportunities within your PCM to help achieve your practice retention goals.


Some of our clients’ most common goals are to:

  • Increase post-appointment reviews on Google,
  • Increase patient recalls, re-activate patients who have not scheduled in a year or longer, or
  • Target a group of patients for a specific campaign, such as Invisalign or dental implants.

After learning what your goals and priorities are, we will recommend the best email marketing strategies to accomplish them.


Our team also can manage your email campaigns. If we are working within your current patient communications system, we may recommend using some of the pre-built platforms within the system. Or, we may recommend moving some of your email messages to a traditional email platform for more efficient implementation.

These marketing strategies go hand-in-hand with your dental email marketing program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Practice Email Marketing

Most of our clients would answer “yes,” to that question. This means you’re probably not leveraging the built-in opportunities you have to recall inactive patients, improve bill payment rates or increase online scheduling among your current patients. We can help you implement some of these key strategies to increase patient retention and practice revenue.

No. The recommendations we make to our clients about specific patient communications systems are based on our own experiences working within the platforms. We do not benefit financially in any way from these companies.

Our Whiteboard Marketing team has extensive experience working with most practice communications systems, including SolutionReach, RevenueWell, DemandForce, Nexhealth, Weave, and Lighthouse. We work within these systems on a daily basis as we monitor and respond to reviews, set up post-appointment surveys, and implement other tasks. We also understand how these systems integrate with your practice management systems including Dentrix, Open Dental, and Eaglesoft.

We also work with traditional email platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact. 

Dental practice email marketing continues to be one of the most effective communications channels for dentists. In fact, email marketing is so powerful the average conversion rate from people who have opened your email is 4.29%, higher than search, direct and social media. 

Dental practice email marketing enables you to stay in contact with your current patients and update them on new services, procedures, technology, and staff members while helping you increase patient recall rates and reduce appointment cancellations and no-shows.

An effective strategy should be proactive, with some segments that are automated so the front desk or practice manager doesn’t have to manage it on a daily basis. Key elements to include in your email marketing strategy are:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • New patient welcome messages
  • Post-appointment review requests
  • Treatment plan reminders
  • Recall and re-activation messaging
  • Last-minute cancellations
  • Promotions
  • New services, technology, and staff announcements
  • Dental education

I absolutely LOVE the entire team at Whiteboard! They go above and beyond for their clients and are experts in their field. Best business decision I made adding WM as a part of my team!

-Dr. Rashelle Salaita,
Salaita Orthodontics

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