Automated Insurance Checker for Dentists

Reduce insurance-related phone calls and increase new patient appointments.

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Our custom-coded website insurance checker allows patients to check if your practice accepts a specific insurance plan or is in-network without ever having to call your front desk to ask. Content on your insurance checker webpage also drives enrollment in your dental membership plan or in-office financing (if you offer these services), providing yet another reason for a patient to schedule.

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Enter an insurance name into the box below to see what this program can do. You’re able to add custom responses to ensure that your patients read the exact message you want them to know.

Insurance Checker Benefits

  • Ensures that every patient gets a consistent message about your insurance acceptance/in-network policies and eliminates inconsistent answers by the front desk team
  • Reduces insurance-related phone calls
  • Increases appointment scheduling as patients already know they are in-network
  • Modernizes the patient experience by providing an immediate answer for patients who visit your website
  • Increases transparency about “accept” vs. in-network
  • Provides great messaging to promote on your website, social media, and email
  • Helps lead to in-house dental savings plans if fee-for-service

How Our Insurance Checker Works

  • Our Whiteboard Marketing team will add a new Insurance page to your website, then integrate a custom-coded insurance checker to the page.
  • We will customize the checker to your brand’s font style and colors.
  • Then, we include routine review and updates in your monthly website hosting, management, and maintenance plan, to ensure this checker continues to run smoothly.
  • As part of our monthly marketing consulting service, we will provide you with analytics to identify the number of patients who have used the checker and then scheduled an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Insurance Checker

Our Whiteboard Marketing team listens to hundreds of recorded phone calls each month for our clients. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do you accept my insurance?” The answer many front desk teams provide typically is not consistent among team members and not focused on communicating other payment opportunities a practice provides. Our automated Dental Insurance Checker provides a game-changing solution that results in acquiring the patients you want.

No! In fact, our clients who are using the automated dental insurance checker are seeing higher traffic on their contact us and online scheduling pages, as well as their dental membership plan enrollments.

If you answer yes to all of these questions, your practice probably doesn’t need the automated insurance checker!

  • Does your practice have a strong, positive, proactive front desk team?
  • Does your front desk team have an established answer to the question, “Do you accept or are you in-network with my insurance?”
  • Does your front desk team consistently respond with the established answer when asked?
  • Does your front desk team direct prospective patients to other financing options or to your dental membership plan if you have one?
  • Are you 100% confident and sure that your new front desk team members are properly trained to handle these types of calls?

Even if your practice only accepts a few insurance plans or is completely fee-for-service, patients are still calling your office to ask if you accept their plan. Adding the dental insurance checker to your website provides an efficient platform to explain that you don’t accept certain plans. It also helps you direct those prospective patients to financing options your practice does offer.

Even if your front desk does a solid job of handling calls about insurance and promoting your membership plan, this feature removes any potential for conflicting or inconsistent information your staff may accidentally give potential patients. By providing a preset answer each time, our insurance checker eliminates any potential confusion and subtly sells your dental membership plan.

We also recommend listening to your recorded phone calls. As we listen to hundreds each month for our clients, we see a consistent inconsistency in how front desk teams answer insurance-related and other important patient conversion questions. Your front desk team is juggling multiple tasks at once as your front-line. And, what you hear may surprise you.

Even if you’re only in-network with one provider, potential patients don’t know that and will still call your office with questions. If you accept their insurance, patients may still want to come to your practice, even if you aren’t in-network for them. Our dental insurance checker provides a clear, consistent answer across the board to your potential new patients, and can direct them to your dental membership plan if you have one.

Yes! You can add copy that best fits your practice protocols regarding insurance. Keep in mind that we developed copy that continues moving the prospective patient conversion process forward and leads a not-in-network patient to your dental wellness plan or other financing options.

We can change the copy for you as often as you’d like.

I absolutely LOVE the entire team at Whiteboard! They go above and beyond for their clients and are experts in their field. Best business decision I made adding WM as a part of my team!

-Dr. Rashelle Salaita,
Salaita Orthodontics

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