There’s Life Outside the Web.

Despite the push for digital marketing efforts, studies show that traditional marketing continues to be effective at growing your business. We’ll let you in on a marketing secret: multiple forms of exposure is the best way to gain new customers consistently. In other words, someone that saw your business on TV, on a direct mail postcard, and on Facebook is more likely to become a customer than someone that saw your Facebook page three times.

With this in mind, we develop diverse programs for traditional marketing in combination with our digital services. Compared to online marketing, traditional marketing allows you to speak directly to the groups you want to reach. It’s memorable, tangible, and effective (if you do it correctly).

We believe traditional marketing should include print and production services. Based on your company’s ideas for growth and targeted population, we can help construct a traditional marketing design using the following services:

  • Brand identity and logo design
  • TV/Print and radio advertising
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Neighborhood mailers
  • Reply cards
  • Variable data printing
  • Brochures/tri-fold pamphlets
  • PR

In addition to implementing these services, we can help you get started with the basics. Whiteboard Marketing has graphic designers to help with branding, logos, and images. We also are specialists in video segments that range from a 15-second advertisement to a 5-minute company video. We’ll work with you to conceptualize, design, and execute television and/or web advertisements to build your business.

Reach your target audience effectively with our approach to traditional marketing.

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