Outshine your competitors.

More than ever, reviews are the best way to advertise the scope and quality of your services. After all, entire websites exist to share other company’s reviews against yours because this is how consumers shop online now.

Bottom line? Good reviews lead to new and returning customers.

How can you manage your online reputation?

Getting good reviews goes beyond providing quality service, although, that’s a great place to start. We help you elicit favorable reviews through systematic requests and communication with your customers. Once you have some positive reviews, Whiteboard Marketing helps you distribute and amplify the presence of those reviews on multiple digital channels.

What if you get a bad review?

You’re fired.

We’re joking. In time, everyone can and will get a bad review from someone online. We help you monitor all review streams and manage communication with happy and unhappy customers alike. The right response has the power to change the situation and prevent future poor reviews entirely. Let Whiteboard make reviews an effective component in your marketing campaign.

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