Dental Blogs

Your blog helps you show up on Google when patients search for a new dentist.

When you answer patients’ most commonly asked questions or frequently searched keywords, Google sees your website as “relevant” to that search. Websites that regularly add and update content rank higher in search results, making monthly blogs a significant component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Because they help enhance your Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT), blogs serve as more opportunities to rank for keywords that your patients are searching for on Google. Blogging also helps position you as an expert in the dental industry and establishes trust with your patients. A blog allows a dentist to communicate with current and prospective patients about services, treatments, and answers to questions they may be asking about their oral health.

Your blog helps you attract, acquire and retain the patients you want. Get started.

Our Dental Blogs Process

Blog Set Up

Your WM Account Manager and SEO team work with you to identify the key services and procedures you want to show up for during a patient search. These services are typically your bread-and-butter and revenue-generating procedures.

Keyword Strategy

Our SEO team identifies keywords that are most impactful to the growth of your practice, giving more opportunities to attract new patients from internet searches. This strategy not only helps position you as an expert among your key audiences but benefits your long-term SEO. 


We will implement a blog strategy of two blogs per month at 800 – 1,000 words in length. 

These blogs focus on competitive keywords and answer questions that patients ask. 

Our SEO team then adds categories, title tags and meta descriptions to fully optimize each blog. Finally, internal links are added sending users to important service pages throughout your website. 


When you are a WM website client, we add your website URL to our Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts.  We are able to review, track and analyze the traffic to your blog page.

Clients who integrate our blog and SEO services see an average of 25% more website traffic than clients who don’t.

These marketing strategies work hand-in-hand with your dental blog program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Dental Practice Blog Program

Yes. While we recommend and implement two long-form blogs per month, you can blog as much or as little as you prefer. Our service includes these two key-word focused and rich blogs.

Because we have access to your Google Analytics, we are able to view the number of unique and returning visits to each blog, where the reader navigates on your site before and after and many other pieces of data.

While there isn’t a concrete answer, we recommend writing between 800 – 1,300 words.

We have used Whiteboard Marketing for all aspects of our digital and conventional marketing needs. They are an integral part of our daily practice and have played a large role in our recent success. I highly recommend Whiteboard Marketing for your practice and study club.

-Dr. Fred Sakamoto,
Central Ohio Periodontics

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