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Out with The Old. In with The New: New Google+ VS. Classic Google+

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As Google has been trying tediously for years to make its’ Google+ page competitive with other social media sites, it has essentially “dismantled” the classic version of G+.  The G+ break-up is a continuous process with baby steps taken daily to, hopefully, yield a new and improved user experience. Ultimately, the conversion to the new “G+” will allow the user to login and manage all aspects of Google from a single location.  As an “owner” of your company’s G+ page, you can login to your dashboard and manage the YouTube page, reviews, map listing, and more all from a single dashboard.  

From a business aesthetic standpoint, we think the “new” Google is pretty cool.  In fact, we agree with Google, when the powers that be tell us the new G+ is faster, simpler and better.  Your company’s new Google+ page is streamlined, more visually appealing and geared towards directing the viewer straight to its content, posts and Collections.  The new G+ pages look more “Pinterest-like” and are intentionally designed motivate users to communicate with “group members”.

Socially speaking . . .

But, can this change make G+ less “introverted” and more social? Will people start using G+ as a way to communicate instead of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest page?  No one really knows right now.  While a successful change to a more “social” G+ remains to be seen, we still respect and embrace the power of Google and G+.

Businesses, need to get on board . . .

Even if the new “social” positioning ceases to come to fruition, businesses still need to get on board with adding content to its G+ pages.  Google has stated clearly that content, accuracy and relevancy of a company’s G+ page have a direct impact on search rankings.  So, when you break it down, if you want to get found online, keep your G+ page active, authoritative and interesting. Oh, and don’t forget visual.  Images, images, images!

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