Instagram Has Live Video Now?

Have you heard? This week Instagram announced it now offers live video for its users! Just like Facebook, you can connect with your Instagram followers in real time. The success of Facebook live and other live streaming media outlets has created the necessity for other social media platforms to keep up and offer live video.

What’s the difference between Live Video and “Instagram Stories?”

“Instagram Stories” appear at the top of each of your followers feeds and run for 24 hours.This gives your followers a snapshot of what’s happening in your company on a daily basis. These are short, editable, recorded videos, not live videos showing what’s happening right now. Why is this feature great? It gives a personal, behind-the-scenes look at your business. Plus, keeping your story new each day can help you stay at the top of your followers feeds.

But Live Instagram videos are different. First of all, they disappear after you stop going live, so they can’t be seen again. This attracts people to watch, as they don’t want to miss out on something great you have to say or an offer of which they could take advantage (Can you say FOMO?). Secondly, you cannot edit them or alter them, so make sure to have your camera-ready face on. And finally, people can interact with you during your live video, which they cannot on your Instagram Story. You can have a comment stream from your followers going and you can respond to them live and answer questions or concerns.

How do you go live on Instagram?

  1.     Tap on your story profile photo with the + sign.
  2.     Slide over to Live.
  3.     Then click “Start Live Video” and go for it!*

When you start live streaming, you can send a notification to your followers, alerting them that you’re live. The word “live” will appear under your Instagram Stories profile picture. Try to be creative with this, your video could even appear in the top live stories under the explore tab while you’re filming!

Here are some of our Whiteboard team members going live to show you what Instagram Live looks like on your followers’ ends:

Just like Facebook Live, you can build your business and grow your followers by hosting live videos. This is a free and effective way to promote your business and services. Go ahead, give Instragram Live a try today! Leave us a comment about your Instragram Live experience below.

*Remember, live videos disappear after you end your broadcast. You can learn more about live video on Instagram Stories and disappearing photos/videos in Instagram Direct in the Instagram Help Center.


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